With families spending so much time at home these days, some households may be feeling like the house got much smaller. Kind of like my clothes!

I know I’ve been suffering “space pains” like crazy. I have a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1,000 square foot condo. That was great when it was just me living here and I had occasional visitors. But after I got married and my husband moved in…along with his daughter half of the time, the spare room could no longer be my office. And the master was no longer just mine (along with all the closet space.) The kitchen and living room are shared spaces. My husband loves hanging out in the bigger bathroom (don’t ask) but he showers in the master bathroom. There is nowhere for me to go for…ME. I lost all MY space!

It’s really hard to be creative with a noisy environment. I don’t want to hear the TV – especially shows I don’t want to watch. I don’t want to talk, either, if I’m trying to work! And getting interrupted when I’m on the phone with customers…not good. A couple years ago, I decided my Jeep was lonely in the attached one-car garage. So I fixed up a small desk and moved my computer out there (which is HERE…where I’m writing this.) It was quiet, it was nice, and I basically had a wide-open door (if I wanted) to the outdoors! OK, maybe that wasn’t a bad idea. But it was pretty pathetic being out here in the garage…but I made my little set up work! I kept adding to my space (including snazzy red garage cabinetry) and eventually brought my actual desk and computer chair out so I had more space and comfort. It wasn’t that crowded! I was pleased…

Then came COVID. That’s when I decided I needed more room. FOR ME. My Jeep was just going to have to hang out in the parking lot with all the other cars, and I worked to transform my garage into an official office. I wanted it to FEEL like part of the house so I wasn’t so “banned” and isolated. I made a little divider wall out of a twin bed frame (by the dumpster) to add some privacy. I doubled up an old king mattress pad and put it on top of a twin box spring mattress (also by the dumpster) to make a couch, I decorated with paintings and repurposed/refinished items (including awesome ceiling panels over one part),  and I even got the old TV out from under our bed – I hadn’t gotten around to donating it! An old drawer by the dumpster became my new TV stand. The “client table” was found destroyed at a hoarder house down the street (I fixed and refinished it), and I rescued the “throne” from the landfill (and covered the cushion/refinished).

People have no idea what one can do with what others throw away! 
I spent less than $100 for everything. And it’s home. I did so well that now it HAS become part of the house! So much for “me space” but I did get what I really wanted. More room. It was worth the effort.