The spirit of people can truly be amazing.  You never know what they’ve been through, where they’ve been, or who they’ll become just by looking at them. Don’t judge them.  Instead, embrace an opportunity to give them a chance to shine.  You’ll feel incredible – and you could make someone else’s day/week/month/year while you’re at it. Why pass that up?! Here is another feel-good entry for you.

True story… In New York City, my friend and I were at an Irish pub.  They had music going, beer flowing, and people were having a great time!  We didn’t know a single person there, but we all started dancing away among the tables and chairs. The whole bar got into the swing of the festivities and we all became fast friends on a first name basis.  It was a small place with large windows and we could see people outside, as they shared in the smiles as they passed by.  Everyone was laughing and carrying on as we danced the evening away. Eventually, my friend and I noticed one woman had been outside the door for the longest time, but never came in.  She was smiling and swaying to the music all on her own. She was not too much older than us and looked fun.  We waved at her through the window and motioned for her to come in and join us.  She shook her head no, and looked embarrassed.  She remained outside, enjoying herself as the music played.  Eventually we went outside to convince her, since our through-the-window-beckoning wasn’t working.  She finally agreed and came in and danced with us for a couple more hours. It was a blast!  She didn’t accept any offers for a drink, but did have water.  We later found out that our new friend was homeless and didn’t feel comfortable coming into the pub without being invited.  She was very well-kept, eloquent, social, and had the greatest laugh. She didn’t want anything other than to feel like she was welcome and belonged.  Our invitation and inclusion made her night. She thanked us for giving her a chance.  Little does she know, she made a big impact on us as well. I’ll never forget her and I sincerely hope she’s doing well.

Moral of the story:  Never miss an opportunity to share an experience with someone, no matter who they are.  It may be priceless for both of you.

– Kim

Sometimes people don’t realize what they are made of until someone shows them how amazing they really are.