We’re all looking for more joy in our lives.  Things pile up and the next thing I know, I’m wondering how I’m going to get everything done!  Every now and then, I cross paths with someone whose wanderlust isn’t just for daydreaming. They have the gumption to actually GO FOR IT.  They might be terrified deep down inside, but somehow they don’t seem like it!  They’re able to escape their mundane life for a period of time and find themselves. I admire those people. I want to be like that when I grow up!

True story… I had taken my surf board in for repair to this little dive surf shop. When I left, there was a young man (early 20s) with a HUGE backpack standing outside the shop looking at a map.  I asked him if he needed help finding something.  He looked up and gave me the biggest grin, and held his arms out wide and asked me if I’d like a hug to make my day.  That was rather strange… but I reluctantly hugged him. He said I didn’t have to worry – there were no strings attached!  He explained that he was on a trek across California by foot… by himself. He wanted to see the sights, meet friendly people, and experience joy before he was stuck working for the rest of his life. If he could share some of his joy with me, he’d really appreciate it.  I think I appreciated it more. I walked back to my car that day thinking about how cool he was.  It made an impression and I’ll never forget it.

Kudos to that young man for experiencing life FIRST. And for making my day just a little bit better with that hug.

– Kim

It’s amazing how a person who was once just a stranger, can suddenly mean the world to you. Good people bring out the good in people.