In my quest to figure out my next steps before I become an empty nester, today I met with an amazing woman. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t make a connection and that what I had to say was nothing that she could relate and that it would be a waste of her time. Oh how I was wrong! And I’m so proud of myself for not running away from the opportunity and for not letting fear win. 

We talked about my plans for the future, my past and how I have been preparing my personal development journey, including my sad attempts at meditating (I’m still trying!) She had some great advice about what I could do to improve, but what she gave me the most was a clear and loud message… “YOU ARE READY!” 

As, what Gretchen Rubin calls an Upholder, I’m an expert on preparing, planning and researching, but as Ruth Soukup’s quiz said, I’m a perfectionist and therefore… (this is really hard for me)… I’m a “Procrastinator”. ?   So under the “I’m preparing” umbrella is the “fear” that is stopping me from just acting.

We talked about some possible opportunities for working together and I’m excited about that. She said to trust my gut and follow an idea that feels good. I think I have a new member for my personal “board of directors”, and that is extremely exciting. 

At the end, we connected at another level. It felt like she opened her door and let me in. Inside, it feels good, exciting and a little scary, but the fear of the unknown seems more attracting than staying in the comfort of fear. 

Are you hiding, too? What is your umbrella? It’s good to prepare, but it feels amazing when you act. Are you ready?

~with love,