Now that covid is under control, it’s probably safe to say that I can’t be the only one who has been feeling a bit down, blue, pitiful, listless, lazy, frustrated, manic, depressed, angry, disappointed, hopeless, helpless (you get the idea) and just plain out-of-sorts.

One thing I’ve finally realized is this: Control what I can, and let go of the rest of it, because it’s going to bug me a *bit* too much if I try to fix what I simply cannot fix. I can do my part to help people when they need me, but past that…(you can hear the song now I’m sure…) Let it go…Let it go…!

Which brings me to the whole PEOPLE thing. We need people. We need to be able to ask for help – and getting help from those we ask is also helpful. Now, go to the other side of the fence and BE one of those people if someone needs something!  It may not be much – perhaps just a friendly voice, a listening ear, a virtual hug, a few funny memes… This is what’s making the world go around right now. People. They’re important.

You know who your “people” are…they could be your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, or maybe your social media followers. Find those who can offer you support, love, and words of encouragement to get you through these times. And BE THERE for them as well. Reach out more often. Check in. See how everyone is doing. Now is the time to build your community, because when we all can finally get together again in person, that community will still be there.

Make someone smile today. Send a text, instant message, meme, call them, or do whatever you have to do to at least share a friendly word. They may need it…and you may, too.