Expressing Emotions

Chakra: 5th (masculine)
Location: Throat

Lump in your throat? That’s a blockage of the blue chakra! It regulates your ability to express yourself, and it and influences how you communicate with and represent yourself to others. It allows you be open and honest, and it helps you own and express your needs and desires eloquently. In balance, you’re also be a great listener…since that’s the other half of great communication. People take in and easily understand what you have to say.

Element: Sound/Ether (air that sound travels through)
Sense: Hearing
Food Type: Fruit
Stones: Sodalite, Celestite, Turquoise
Essential Oils: Hyssop, Clementine, Blue Chamomile
Main Focus: Self Expression, Life Purpose, Persistence
Right: To Express and Communicate
Positive Qualities: Truth, purpose, expression, artistry, service, communication, thoughtful, calming
Malfunction: Thyroid or hearing problems, teeth or gum issues, lying, tonsillitis, stiff neck or shoulders, TMJ, lack of purpose, fear of speaking, feeling “stuck”; can be moody, nervous, overly excitable, or impatient with others
Affirmations: I know my truth and I share it. I am guided by my most passionate purposes. My life is in sync with purpose and people.
Personality Types: Expressive, talkative, public speakers and communicators