Does everyone in your household typically do the same thing every night, day after day?

And that “same thing” usually includes computers, phones, tablets, and TV…with each family member having their own device of some sort? Worse yet, everyone under the same roof would rather text each other over talking. I know. Pathetic.

While visiting my mom in Montana, I learned how to play Gin for the first time, and re-learned how to play Pinochle. She and I had so much fun! Playing cards kind of became our evening thing – AND sometimes when I needed a mental break from my work (going on a walk in a blizzard wasn’t practical.)

When I got back home to California, I decided it’s time to bring “family fun night” back! I taught my friends how to play. I don’t even know if you’re supposed to play with 3 players, but we wing it. And playing with 3 players is so much more of a challenge! Not only are we spending quality time together, we’re also having fun and using our brains. The game does involve some strategy – not just luck. One night, the two of them even played each other when I wasn’t home. That made me smile.

Board games can also bring on some good times. You have to have at least one laying around the house. Get that sucker out and blow off the dust! You may have to read the instructions to refresh your memory (or Google it if they’re long gone), but it’s a chance for you to do something new. TOGETHER. No electronics needed or allowed. It’s just plain good old-fashioned fun!