Just when you think you can’t take a single thing more… I dare you to DO IT.  I say this because I’ve had a few set-backs myself!  (Many) times when I thought there is nothing more that can possibly fit on my shrinking plate, I have “NO idea what I’m doing” moments, or I’ve completely ran out of steam… I gave up. Temporarily.

I’m stubborn. Good thing. I’ve realized it just takes a step back… Sleep on it. Go on a walk. Go do an Insight Timer meditation and find that push. When are you at your best when it comes to problem solving? DO IT THEN.  Me…I’m a rockstar in the morning. I’ve attempted to get things done in the afternoon or evening, and my dead (and rolling around inside my skull) brain cannot figure out why something is not working and I’ve spent HOURS on it. Or if someone needs a flyer designed, I’m about as creative as the pen sitting on my desk!  Not only that, I’m never happy with the result I come up with during my creativity-in-the-grave moments. Don’t kid yourself and don’t deny it’s an issue. This is a THING!  Respect the thing!  If you hate mornings, don’t try to do something important and meaningful until you know your brain has had a chance to wake up. If you’re a morning person, get going early-style and kill it!

I learned about my (very unexpected) morning awesomeness when I got on the layoff list [the first time] at my job. I was desperate. I was trying to do software tutorials and get everything done that I needed to do to either 1. Get a new job… or 2. Start my own business.  I didn’t have time to spare since I had a small window when I could collect a paycheck!  So I’d be at my home computer as late as possible…then I’d get up early and go at it again before work. Turns out, everything I did the night before…would need to be done again in the mornings. I didn’t retain a single thing, nor did it meet my own standard. Weird. I always thought of myself as a night owl and could stay up late with the best of ’em!”  I could…but when it came to actually thinking and being productive, I discovered “Morning Prime Time”.  Socializing in the evening, maybe…but thinking…NO.

Can you adjust your schedule at work a bit?  Can you rearrange anything at all in your daily life to get you an extra hour of “prime time”?  If you can somehow pull it off, you’ll come out ahead – especially if you’re the queen of multi-tasking like I am!  If that’s not possible, just know your limitations. Do mindless stuff in your “dead” hours and focus on the things you love and excel at during your “prime time” hours. Most phones have some kind of an “off” or “DND” button. Use it!  Find your time…and get ‘er done.

– Queen Multi-task