Have you ever had the desire to slather on mud like it’s your favorite body butter?  Well, the benefits of doing just that are really purifying. No kidding.  If you’re in the Southern California area, I highly recommend hitting up Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona.

Club Mud is so much fun and it’s included with your daily pass!  AND it’s so very good for you.  After you spread mud over your entire body, sans what your swimsuit is covering (which is rather exhilarating in itself), you then sit in the sun and let it dry like an all-over body mask.  When the mud is dry and all peeled up, gently use your hands and scrub it off the best you can before rinsing off with one of the showers in the mud area.  Not only does the mud soak up all the impurities and other gunk in your skin (your largest organ), it also exfoliates, leaving your skin so soft and smooth.

I’d recommend visiting Club Mud a couple times during the day – once at the beginning to open up your pores and allow all the other healing waters you’ll be soaking in to enter and break down even more toxins trapped within.  Then hit it up once more before you leave as the final hurrah.  Think of it like a “mouth wash” for the body.  You brush your teeth first (round 1), then swish around mouth wash (round 2) to get whatever brushing left behind, along with that extra burst of freshness.  It’s kinda like that.

If you’re nowhere near Corona, California, you can always indulge in the comfort of your own home!  Be prepared to make a bit of a mess, and always use plenty of water when you’re rinsing the clay off.  I’d recommend using a plastic drop cloth (for painting) – and it will offer a place to stand with minimal cleanup.  Put on a DARK swimsuit (you don’t want the clay to stain your best suit – definitely consider that at Club Mud as well), spread out your plastic sheet, gather up your jar of clay, a large bowl of water and an old towel or rag (for washing your hands), and your hair dryer.  Spread on the clay, rinse your hands off (so you don’t goop up the hair dryer), then dry the clay.  Gently slough off (you can use the towel/rag to assist if you wish), then head to the shower for the steamy grand finale.  When finished, you can simply wrap up the plastic and toss.  Here are a couple clays I’ve tried and really like:

By the way, this experience is best when shared – whether it’s at Club Mud or at home! It’s a fun experience for you and your girlfriends – but I wouldn’t do it at home unless you want a ginormous mess!

Happy Mudding!
– Kim

“Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” – Unknown