If you attended a college or university, it might be fun to connect with some of your people – and there are ways of doing that without purchasing a plane ticket.

If you’re a sports fan and live in a sports-loving city, chances are good you’ll find your team playing at a local pub or watering hole at some point (obviously, sports are seasonal.) Get out of the house and go!  Even if it’s just you! I know that sounds crazy, but who once was a stranger may become your friend and you’ll find yourself surrounded by some seriously cool people.  Find your team’s sports schedule.  Google it.  Find a group on Facebook.  The info and opportunity is there – you just need to take a little time to find it.  Maybe you don’t even LOVE the sport – or sports at all for that matter. But if you love connecting with others, this might be your chance.

As a Montana State University – Bozeman alum, it is SO much fun to gather at McGregor’s in San Diego to watch the big Cat/Griz (University of Montana) rival game every November.  They pipe in the game via satellite – now that’s something you can’t get from ESPN!  Well, at least not my team’s games.  I have had SO much fun over the years.  I’ve met numerous players I used to cheer for in the stands when I was in college – both basketball and football! (I’ve discovered they’re people, too…crazy thought!)  One year, I found myself sitting near a guy that seemed to be at McGregor’s alone.  We were all cheering and having a great time, as the Cats took the lead…and kept on going.  Turns out, the star player for the Cats was this guy’s little brother and he couldn’t make it back to Montana for the game.  It was awesome – he instantly had a “family” right there with him.  It was great to be able to share in the victory with him.  Another year, my uncle (also a MSU alum) and his wife were visiting San Diego, so I dragged them to McGregor’s for the game…well, they weren’t exactly kicking and screaming and came prepared with their Cat shirts.  We had the best time!

Age doesn’t matter. Fans are fans and you all have one thing in common.  One gentleman (light blue shirt, front right) is in his 90s, and he’s there to cheer on the Cats like clockwork. Now that’s dedication.  I look forward to seeing him and all the other alums I’ve gotten the opportunity to know over the years.  There are always hugs all around, and there is no such thing as too many of those.  People are truly incredible. My cup runeth over.

– Go Cats Go