Reading in bed at the end of the day?!  No way…not anymore!

A mysterious box showed up at my door a couple weeks ago…and this Homedics Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion was in it!  My sweet husband somehow got online long enough on the U.S.S. Stennis to order me the BEST THING EVER! I haven’t been the same since!  Even my Lean Six Sigma for Dummies book is enjoyable!

This masterpiece massager puts the chairs at the nail place to shame – and I can prop it up anywhere I sit!  (I took a photo of it on my couch so you can see how it works.)  The kneading is glorious, and there’s even heat!  I can let it go up and down, or I can focus on a spot and work it.  Believe it or not, it actually gets to almost all the spots I need it to reach!

If you’re looking to treat yourself (or need a great gift for someone), this could be it!  I’m in love with mine. I even tried it out on my office desk chair – but I have to admit I wouldn’t actually get much done. I think I’ll stick to the couch. It makes me look forward to “winding down for the night.”

And to store it…I hang it up in my closet! The seat goes flat and it takes very little space. Beautiful. Thank you Ryan!

Your Living Room Spa Creator ~