As someone who has suffered from the winter blues, I totally get where you’re coming from. You just can’t seem to find the get-up-and-go when you go to work in the dark…and then come home in the dark, too!  It’s a challenging time of year for those of us who need more daylight hours to function like a human being!  Here are some simple tips you can try – and I hope they’ll help!  They sure help me!

  1. Boost your Vitamin D.  Go outside whenever you can and expose your skin!  I’m not suggesting you become a streaker (we cannot bail you out of jail, sorry), but if you can swing a sleeveless shirt or maybe a skirt in addition to your face, that would be awesome. The key here is to get as much skin exposed to the sunlight as possible so it can naturally produce Vitamin D.  Although supplements help, there is nothing like the real thing!  Believe it or not, Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin. It’s a hormone that helps your body utilize calcium and phosphorus properly for strong bones, plus it boosts the function of your immune system.  Most importantly, it plays a huge role in fighting off depression and anxiety like a pair of brass knuckles!  You only need a few minutes per day – so DO NOT go get yourself a raging sunburn!  Be smart about it – you know your skin and what it can tolerate.  You don’t need skin cancer to go along with your mood swings!  You just need to hang out in the light for a few minutes each day.  If you can’t go outside, you can still benefit if you can sit in a sunny window!  Do that! If you’re looking to add a supplement, I always get mine from Amazon…I love the convenience of it showing up at my door!
  2. Stay active.  I know…it’s a double-edge sword (what’s with all my weapon references?!)  No matter what “activity” you do, it counts!  Go get groceries or stuff for the house. Run errands.  Go buy the birthday gift you need.  Go for a walk instead of sitting down for your break.  Do something.  That little bit of activity here and there will keep you moving even when you don’t feel like it.  It will pay off when you go to bed – you’ll have gotten some movement, you’ll get some things checked off the to-do list…and you’ll sleep better, too.  Avoid TV and the couch…no matter how loud they’re calling your name!
  3. Watch the carbs.  Heavy carb consumption means you’ll be dragging as soon as the buzz runs out.  And it will be 2-fold!  Do your best to stick to the good stuff – veggies and protein-rich foods.  If you’re craving sugar, have a piece of fruit – and stick to the whole fruit instead of juice.  You’ll get the fiber, filler, and less sugar!
  4. Do things you love.  If you supplement your work schedule with a little something that makes you feel good – hang out with your hilarious friends, get a massage, take a fun class, sing, paint, cuddle up with an easy read, or do whatever turns you on!  It will make your gloomy day all the better.  When it’s time to settle down (I know I mentioned avoiding the TV and couch), maybe watch a good comedy or something that makes you laugh.  The things I love include random videos on YouTube like Key & Peele videos or Ron White Radio on Pandora.  Don’t judge…I AM from Montana…

Find your niche. You know what makes you laugh!  Go get it!  Laughter is the BEST medicine ever.  And it’s free.

A Great Escape!

Looking for an absolutely hilarious read? Check out The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb.  This book is SO relatable, as one woman tells the tale of her complete and total breakdown…and how she crawled back up out of the ditch.  I couldn’t seem to put this book down!  I was vastly amused, delighted, and horrified all at the same time!  If you need an escape from your own life for a little while to discover yours maybe isn’t so bad…I highly recommend this book!

“The earlier you learn that you should focus on what you have, and not obsess about what you don’t have, the happier you will be.” – Amy Poehler

Feel healthy and awesome this winter or rainy season!  You owe it to yourself and make the best of it.  There is nothing you can do to change the season, but there IS something you can do to change how you feel about the whole thing.  You don’t have to be SAD.

Your Partner in the Depths of Winter,
– Kim