Not long ago, I finally came to the realization that I just didn’t feel very good. Emotionally, physically, or mentally. No, I don’t have (nor did I get) COVID. I just haven’t been taking care of myself and I finally decided that needed to stop. There is something to be said about “rock bottom”. Well, the good news is there is only one direction to go from here: UP.

I’m not one who’s willing to completely change my entire way of doing things in one day. Sure, I could attempt that, but is it sustainable? Nope. At least not for me. And if I slip up here and there, I’m not going to beat myself up! Get up and keep going. So I wanted to share what I tried that has DEFINITELY made me feel better. It’s actually workable into my schedule because the results where surprising!  I’m feeling confident that maintaining these habits will be something I want to keep up. Why? I did mention I feel better, right?

I read that sitting at my desk for ONE hour reduces my metabolism by 90%.
Not a typo! That’s terrible. No wonder why my clothes didn’t fit!  I was sitting at my desk for hours and hours at a time. “But I have a lot of work to do, so how do I combat that?!” Yes…good question. When I had something I was working on that I needed to find a solution for (or ponder the best way to get it done), I would typically experiment. Well, experimenting with design takes time – with lots of trial and error. Especially when I was exhausted, creatively drained, and feeling like a lump overall.

So I tried something new!
I live in a complex that has a street that loops through. I decided to try doing a “hot lap” (which takes less than 5 minutes to accomplish) every hour or so.  It turns out…it’s a multi-benefit solution!

  • I can keep my metabolism going because I get up and revive my circulatory system.
  • Fresh air and movement means oxygen to the brain – I didn’t realize how shallowly I breathe when I’m just sitting around!
  • A little sunshine (daytime “hot laps”) provides Vitamin D – so when it’s nice, I throw on a tank top so my skin can soak it up.
  • Time to think with nothing else to do actually HELPS me find solutions and creative ways to do things FASTER than experimenting!
    • As I was walking along, I’d have ah-ha moments! Then when I’d get back to my desk (5 minutes later), I implemented them.
    • I’m all about tricking my brain because “logical rationale” comes with my Type A personality…so I convinced myself that “I’m still working when I’m walking because I’m coming up with solutions to my problems – and I’m giving myself a little fresh air break for clarity.” Lo and behold…I was telling myself the TRUTH! No lie!
    • I’m dedicating way more thought to my work BEFORE I dive in vs. impulsively trying stuff – so it’s actually saving me time!
    • I’m working the same amount of time, even when I’m walking every hour! I’m getting more done, AND I’m getting exercise.

A few unexpected bonuses have added to my newfound joy:

  • I’ve been able to say hello to my neighbors (we’re WAY more than 6 feet apart, don’t worry). It’s nice to be able to connect and get to know them better.
  • I’m getting a little color…AND the UV rays have pretty much shut down the rosacea outbreak on my face! Since I’m only out for a short bit of time, I’m not over-exposing myself to the sun.
  • My clothes are starting to fit better! That’s motivation right there…
  • I love furniture projects – and walking around the complex has “accidentally” made me find items I can fix up!  I’m discovering that people seem place a lot of stuff beside our dumpsters (probably because they’re hoping someone will give it a home vs. throwing it away). Fine by me! I’ve found cool picture frames, a coffee table, a couple cool old barrels, and wood scraps that will certainly come in handy. Fantastic! I get to feed my hobby while I’m at it!

So if you’ve been feeling like a shell of yourself as of late, try and go for a quick walk – even if it’s to your mailbox, or around the perimeter of your house (indoors or outdoors). Heck – walk in place!  That little bit of movement for 5 minutes does a body, mind, and soul good!