I didn’t used to do “trades” when it came to my work. I didn’t need anything! Or at least I didn’t need anything that bad…I would have rather had the money. 

This year has been a big challenge for so many people and businesses. We’re doing whatever we need to do to get by. Sometimes it’s out of our typical “wheelhouse” but why not? There is no better time to expand your horizons, add a new service, and/or learn something you didn’t know how to do before! What do you have to lose? There’s not much else TO lose at this point!  Let’s try some trading. Then people don’t have to come up with the money to get what they want/need/could use help with… And neither do I!  Mind you, this does involve a little planning.

What do people offer and what can be traded?
And what if it’s not actual “work”? What if it’s something outside the box and everyone wins? Here’s an example…

My neighbor wandered by my Garoffice (I converted my garage into my office and with the door open – which is most of the time – it’s kind of become my front door.) He commented about how he really likes my decor. I thanked him and told him I either made everything or repurposed/refinished it.  He couldn’t believe it!  He told me he’s been trying to refinish an old desk for his daughter, but he’s having trouble with it – the top was uneven and sticky. I told him to bring it over and I could take a look to see what could be done…and he did. I told him I’d happily take it over – and return it good as new – no strings attached because I just like doing that stuff. I had nearly all the supplies I needed. And I told him that because I’m an artist, I’d love to put a “creative spin” on it. Why not?! His daughter’s favorite color is dark red/burgundy. He took me up on it.

I could tell he wanted to do something for me in return – and asked about my REALLY OLD garage door opener keypad that he was standing right next to. I told him I never use it – because it doesn’t work! I still had one working remote control, but the thing was from back in 1987 (literally – it was original to the condo). It falls apart if it’s not taped together, and you have to be juuuuuussst the right distance away – and at the perfect angle – before it actually opens the door.

Success – and a TOTAL win-win!
He bought and installed a brand new keypad for us (which even included multiple calls to tech support since the whole thing is so old), AND he added in a nifty remote control keychain opener!

His daughter LOVES her new desk. Photo to the right…

What else have I traded for? New glasses, wine, carpet cleaning, and exercise classes…to start. I’m loving it!