Bright, Powerful, and Confident

Chakra: 3rd (masculine)
Location: Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra governs your personal power, self-esteem, determination, and self worth. When this chakra shines, you will experience clarity, and you’ll know just what you need to do to achieve success. Yellow exudes independence, and the energy you’ll need to accomplish anything you want! If there’s something blocking your solar plexus chakra, you’ll suffer a blow to your confidence, and insecurities will start creeping in.

Element: Fire
Sense: Sight
Food Type: Carbs
Stones: Topaz, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye
Essential Oils: Basil, ginger, bergamot
Main Focus: Power and Identity
Right: To Act
Positive Qualities: Power, Confidence, Charisma, Strong Will, Humor, Leadership, Mental Clarity
Malfunction: Digestion issues, kidney or liver problems, timidity, rage, diabetes, ulcers, domination chronic fatigue, low self-esteem, fears, lack of purpose, anger, aggression, despair
Affirmations: I can do anything I set my mind to do. I am powerful and use my power wisely. I have a great sense of humor and laugh often. I am friendly, helpful, and always have the best intentions.
Personality Types: Good mentality, neatly organized thoughts, friendly, helpful, shy