Connection between Spirit and Self

Chakra: 7th (unified between masculine and feminine)
Location: Crown (top of the head)

The crown governs understanding and spirituality, and determines your connection to spirit. As the highest chakra, it’s responsible for helping you create the life you love and for achieving peace and happiness. It wants you to live in harmony with everything that surrounds you, and appreciate its beauty. When this chakra is aligned, you will experience feelings of indescribable joy and bliss.

Element: Thought
Sense: None – it’s beyond the senses
Food Type: None – fasting
Stones: Diamond, Amethyst, Clear Quartz
Essential Oils: Myrrh, Violet, Frankincense
Main Focus: Connection to Spirit and Wisdom
Right: To Know
Positive Qualities: Unity, Wisdom, Awareness, Intelligence, Understanding, Miracles, Bliss
Malfunction: Alzheimer’s disease, confusion, spaciness, mental illnesses, over-analyzing/thinking, depression, apathy, learning disabilities
Affirmations: I am aware and intelligent. I am one with everything. Everything is clear.
Personality Types: Spiritual with an abundance of energy when doing something one loves